Energy Star





About Us

At Kevin Howell Construction we build our homes right.  With quality as a cornerstone, we control the entire process to ensure that each home meets our own high standards.

Our home building process provides the most home for you and your family at the best possible price.  It’s what we do!  We approach everything, at Kevin Howell Construction, with the goal of saving you money.  While building highly amenitized new homes, our cost-conscious mindset allows us to implement methods – both large and small – that add up to savings.  Simply put:  We understand the value of a dollar.

Each Kevin Howell Construction home is backed by over 25 years of quality construction experience.  We care about the way we build homes.

The success of Kevin Howell Construction is our people.  We carefully select the best suppliers, trades craftsmen, companies and team members.  By using the same people on each house, we ensure that the quality of materials and execution is consistently at our own high standards.

Our team is serious about your budget and expectations.  Whatever your individual budget and expectations are!  Individual attention to detail and personalization are trademarks of Kevin Howell Construction.

We build Energy Star homes for energy savings.  We build homes for a lifetime of memories.